Benefits for inhouse SEOs, consultants and firms and site owners

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Book Benefits For Self-Employed Site Owners

Increase Conversion - Profit From Day One & Reduce Stress
Can you survive a drop in traffic and still make the mortgage?
Learn to balance SEO and higher conversion rates so you still earn a good living after the next update.

Develop a Paid Link Strategy/Counter-strategy
How will you respond to competitors' purchased links?
How do you protect the SEO traffic you acquired with paid links? Find some answers!

Limit Your Risk
Diversify your techniques, websites and so forth.
Manage your risk better thanks to effective critical thinking and new SEO tactics.

Find New Energy For SEO
With a new book in hand, the whole game feels novel again. Get excited to go out and compete!

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Benefits for inhouse SEOs, SEO consultants and firms

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