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Benefits for inhouse SEOs, consultants and firms and site owners

Table of Contents

Part 1: Solve Any Search Problem With Creative & Critical Thinking Rules

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Rule 1: Learn Constantly From Others
Find the information that blogs just don't cover
Discover private sources of information

Rule 2: Teach yourself
Expand your personal experience and testing
Split test ranking factors

Rule 3: Study Patterns
Look for relationships in the data - be it rankings, analytics etc.

Rule 4: Think Laterally
Apply lessons from one area in another area

Rule 5: Define The Problem
Find out: "What's going on here?"

Rule 6: Question The Logic
Discover and challenge assumptions, premises, logic and conclusions
Test the truth of a statement
Assess what Stephen Colbert calls "truthiness"

Rule 7: Decide
Surpass Google's masterful poker skills
Limitations on poker logic
Use the newspaper and Disneyland tests

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Part 2: Tactics To Out-Rank, Out-Traffic, And Out-Convert The Competition

Convert More & Create Great User Experience:

1. Write conditional CSS for higher SEO conversion rates
2. Create beautiful headers for conversion and SEO
3. Cut homepage bounce rate despite slideshows
4. Match any random long tail keywords' query intent to cut bounce rate
5. Apply reputation management methods to increase your margins
6. Rank despite the splash page
7. Grow your forum's userbase to develop your longtail
8. Balance phone tracking and local SEO needs

Build Links, Buy Links and Fight Paid Links:

9. Undermine competitors' paid links faster than Google's spam report
10. Scale link building massively with email and outperform Digg
11. Hook link prospects with stock photos
12. Select more natural anchor text using N-grams
13. Dress up paid links in the AdSense disguise
14. Combine email and whitepapers to facilitate link buying
15. Use foreigners and misspellings for link building
16. Resurrect the dead for links
17. Campaign for links with demographic targeting

Understand and Discover Keywords:

18. Assess lifetime customer value for each keyword in 5 minutes - offline!
19. Find out your competitors' keywords - FREE
20. Exterminate keyword-RATS that gnaw away your ROI
21. Profit from pirates sharing their booty
22. Mine fat, juicy keyword lists hidden in plain-view

Perform Other High-ROI SEO Tasks:

23. Increase SEO & PPC CTR 10x Faster Than Normal Testing
24. Mix context & demographics to retarget prospects on the cheap
25. Customize how you treat RSS subscribers to lucrative ends
26. OutWikipedia Wikipedia's SEO and own the longtail
27. Research your niche beyond keywords and links
28. Stop captcha-cracking spambots and save time moderating
29. Use the law - not whois - to protect your privacy from Google
30. Screen leads for knowledge and linkability
31. Mine this data for competitive intelligence

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